iGlow (Grades 11th & 12th)

iGlow is designed for girls in the 11th & 12th grade. During these late teen, early adult years, girls are not only trying to figure out who they are, but they have the added pressure of deciding what to do with their lives; they are starting to have serious relationships, and they have more independence and  responsibility. iGlow programming supports young ladies during this time  by providing  workshops and courses on self worth, self identity, maintaining healthy relationships and ethical servant leadership. Young ladies are taught to achieve by taking steps today toward achieving their goals of tomorrow. This is accomplished through a fundamental workbook to help young ladies create an action plan on how they will achieve their educational and personal goals. Additionally, a heavy emphasis is placed on teaching iGlow young ladies how to lead by example for the younger girls coming behind them, which will culminate in them giving back by volunteering as mentors.   iGlow young ladies will be partnered with a mentor who will set an example of what it means to be a girl who Glows.