About iGlow Mentoring


iGlow Mentoring seeks to encourage growth in young women by promoting success, reinforcing positive choices and Inspiring Girls to Lead Our World.

About Our Founder

Delores Balogun is an innovative thinker, graceful speaker, motivational mentor, and savvy businesswoman.  Her daily intention is to live purposefully – inspiring others to understand their self-worth and maximize their potential. This is evidenced through her charismatic personality and empowerment initiatives.

One would never imagine that, behind her powerful, motivational messages and professional accomplishments, was a teenage girl: riddled with insecurities and depression.  A native of the south side of Chicago, Delores finished her secondary education in Chicago Public Schools and matriculated at Illinois State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Event Marketing in 2008.

After college, she came to work for several large-scale corporate entities and higher education institutions, managing multimillion-dollar budgets as the Director of Events.  Most notably, Delores worked for The White House on The Advance Team for First Lady Michelle Obama.

A humanitarian at heart, Delores is passionate about empowering the next generation of girls through iGlow Mentoring.