This private Business Summit + Worship Encounter is an intense supernatural experience allowing women of faith to spend uninterrupted time in deep worship and higher learning from industry experts for the next dimension!


If you’re a faith-based woman who feels stuck or frustrated in her current entrepreneurial endeavors, needs communal support of like-minded, faith-based women, or are currently looking to scale your business with powerful & attainable tools and strategies– THIS event is just for you!


Delores Balogun is a high-performing & influential thought-leader whose impact spans across multiple industries. She is a devout philanthropist who has mastered the art of leveraging relationships and seizing opportunities that have positioned her to successfully secure a multi-six figure income as a notable conference planning specialist and business mentor.

Brands Impacted by Delores:

Digital Content Strategist
Bria Hash is the owner and founder of 4ourty, an online marketing agency created to respond to the cultural and creative messages of black women in business. Bria’s no-nonsense approach to marketing and visibility has attracted hundreds of business owners to work with her to grow their businesses with meaning, intent, and purpose. While Bria thrives in the online market her impact reached beyond with the commitment to sharing the message & example of ownership to impact our communities one business at a time.
Personal Brand Strategist
Works with clients from around the country and across industries to lay the foundation for a game-changing, personal brand that will allow them to monetize their purpose beyond the workplace, reach new heights in their professional career, and impact on a greater scale. Her own personal branding journey has afforded her the luxury of self-employment, collaborations with major brands, and more than 70 speaking opportunities to teach about branding, including those with corporations, globally-recognized brands, and prestigious colleges and universities.
CEO November Media Publishing & Consulting Firm
Publisher, writing coach, and four-time author Tiheasha Beasley has helped several independent authors write, publish, and sell industry standard books through her thriving publishing company, November Media Publishing and Consulting Firm.

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What You Will Get?



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  • Does my business have to serve the church?Not at all! TomorrowLive! Is open to all industries.
  • What hotel will the conference take place at? Is there a special room rate for this hotel?Our hotel is located in Rosemont, Illinois and there is a special room rate of $99 per night. Exact hotel information will be given once registered.
  • Can you help me find a roommate?Yes! Email Ashley Preston at deloresbalogunassistant@iglowmentoring.org
  • Can I register for one day only?Unfortunately, No.. The intense sessions have to be experienced together.
  • Can I bring my children to the conference?Unfortunately, no. This event is designed for faith-based business women to focus in a distraction-free environment.
  • What’s the attire?
    Friday Night: Classy & Comfy
    Saturday: Business Casual